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Welcome! Are you returning to running after injury, having a baby, or life getting in the way? You’re in the right place! I’d love to help you on your run journey.

The Comeback

Are you returning to running? Or just starting out? This is the option for you.

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The 24/7

Are you looking to work with a coach on a monthly basis so you don’t have to think about your training plan? This is the option for you.

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The Race Day

Looking for a specific race plan? This is the option for you. From 5K to marathon, I’ve got you covered.

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Simply put, Becca is a phenomenal coach. She is incredibly adept at balancing challenging workouts with support. She is responsive to inquiries on plan adaptations and workout design as well as quick to help with gear/fueling recommendations and best practices to avoid or recover from injury. Becca’s constant belief in me has helped me reach goals … Continue reading Wynsor Taylor

Wynsor Taylor

After having my first child, Becca created a “return to running” plan for me once I was cleared to exercise.  She took into account my goals for running as well as my need for flexibility as a new mom, and created a plan that felt easy and achievable to help me get back in running shape.  And … Continue reading Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

Let’s reach your run potential.